Sharp’s TaeKwonDo

Sharp’s Taekwondo has been open since 1995 in Decatur and the surrounding area teaching kids and adults taekwondo, hapkido and martial arts. Classes are available for ages 3 and up. There are many classes to choose from and classes run Monday – Saturday. Students at Sharp’s Taekwondo not only learn physical fitness and self defense but also learn discipline, respect, confidence and how to work with others. We have family programs, weapons programs, women’s self defense programs and more.
 Sharp’ Taekwondo is also the host to one of the premiere martial arts tournaments in the country (the Midwest Open). Sharp’s Taekwondo students learn techniques for competition and for street survival.
 We at Sharp’s Taekwondo pride ourselves with giving professional martial arts instruction in a clean, safe, healthy and family friendly environment. Our students not only learn to be great martial artists but great people and leaders in our community.